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The Midwest produces a lot of corn, cheese, beer, and football. But occasionally, it spits out a misfit creative (hi). A happy childhood raised in a small house with a large family taught me how to negotiate, compromise, love, stand up for myself, and most importantly - how to carve out my own space in this world. Never doubting what I wanted to be when I grew up, I set out to pave my path. Here I am, years later having accumulated what feels like a lifetime of art direction and design experience. Being challenged and discovering new ways to use my creative talent energizes me. I look forward to working with people from all walks of life, and in this field, those are plenty. You can find my history steeped in many worlds: advertising, branding, publishing, photography and illustration. My end goal is to tell incredible stories by creating dynamic visual content.


I make a living doing what I love; that is not by luck, it is by design.



I'm not only an art director and graphic designer, I'm also an illustrator (check out my
Garnish And Gadzookery
Instagram), fierce protector of family, trail hiker and sun-shine soaker, furry animal cuddler, aspire to write my own fiction book someday, and often
engage in deep guttural laughs with friends over a spirit or two. I like to think I can
do it all, but most days are a reality check. Welcome to my beautiful mess,
please ignore the coffee stain and pet hairs.

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