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The Start of Something Wonderful

Welcome to my blog! To be honest, I've been avoiding getting back into blogging. It's time consuming, eats into my creative forces (not to be confused with Jedi forces) which I prefer to save for my work and hobbies, and seems a bit self-indulgent at times. But, here I am. Again. Indulging.

I've learned over the past few years, as a freelancer, that it's important to first establish a base with potential clients. A great way to do that is by showing them a bit of my personality to help lay ground for a working relationship. I naturally veer towards introverted so face-to-face networking is EXHAUSTING. My carefully worded emails are usually ignored. Social networking sites feel too informal and superficial. And peer-to-peer e-commerce sites are wickedly competitive and have too many window shoppers and not enough buyers. Enter the blog.

This is my place to give you a piece of my mind...the good pieces. Such as sneak peaks into current and completed projects. My processes, side projects, things that inspire me, cool design trends, and pretty things may also show up here from time to time. Warning, this could end up as scattered as my brain, but I can guarantee, it'll be as wildly imaginative, too.

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