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SIDE PROJECT: Beautiful Bowls

I love food in bowls. Whenever my husband sets the table for dinner he always asks, "Do you want a plate or a bowl?" But he knows the answer. I'm a bowl girl. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm a fan of one-dish meals. Or because I often eat with my knees pulled up and it's just easy to hold up a bowl while I shovel food into my face. But it could also be that I like how food looks in a bowl.

Custard Tart

Mmmmm, long wiggly noodles piled high. Slightly melt-y smoothie bowls topped with fruit and granola. A big pile of oatmeal loaded with berries, honey and nuts. Hot and steamy egg drop soup. Chocolate in many forms. It all sounds good to a bowl.

Acai Smoothie Bowl
Chocolate Avocado Pudding
Smoothie Bowl

Enough of the foreplay! If you want to see the foods I eat in bowls, and pick up a few easy recipes along the way, then check out my Beautiful Bowls project on Instagram here: @beautiful.bowls

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