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DEI goes beyond the workplace - and it goes beyond just fairness - it's about making sure everyone has the best platform for their voice. We need to make sure there's balanced representation at the table. It's about embracing unique journeys and working to accept others stories as they are. It's about lifting each other up. Sometimes that requires the privileged to break their idea of stereotypes and, at times, to maybe feel a bit uncomfortable, but know that there's no reason to feel threatened at the livelihood of others. WE build each other up and WE make each other stronger.


Differences embraced.

AKHG Rebrand

Flipping an established masculine brand on it's head. From tough workwear to even more capable outdoor recreational apparel for all.


40 Grit Expanded Story-telling

Annette helps us to rethink what traditional woodworking, and the trades, means to you.


American Girl's Editorial Messaging

Lessons learned at an early age can stick with you for life. As adults, we have the responsibility to be mentors and guides for shaping younger generations to be even more empathetic than the last.

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