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(A flattering picture of me taken on a good hair day when the sun was hitting me just right. You know, standard professional head shot. Minimal editing. Definitely me in a nutshell.)

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  • I'm a chameleon. Not literally. It's just a metaphor for how well and quickly I can adapt.

  • Confident, natural leader, and a good listener - yes, even on Monday mornings.

  • Deadline looming? You can count on me. I stay organized with lists and excellent time management.

  • I'm great at presentations! Whether that's designing them or giving them. Speaking in front of a crowd doesn't shake me.

  • 25% Targaryen, 25% Australian Shepherd, 25% Kristen Wiig, and 25% Piglet.

  • My super powers are collaborating, brainstorming, and concepting. I prefer with a team, but can do on my own.

  • I'm the best dang brand ambassador you'll find in this neck of the woods.

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