Well, not exactly. What started as a brief affair with cutting and folding thick, luxurious paper ... a stint as a freelance invitation designer ... and a lingering desire to run my fingers against the smooth texture of tree pulp after it's been pressed into fine sheets (that was a mouthful) has garnished a passion in me that just wont seem to fade. It starts with a spark of an idea. A "What if...?" that develops into a trip to my studio to find a pencil, Exacto blade, cutting mat, and the right shade of green paper. I relish in the delicious details such as incorporating whimsical illustrations, hand-lettering, layering, die-cutting, wraps, and shimmery papers.

I believe growth is best accomplished when putting yourself out there and staying open to feedback, to involve my audience in all my creative endeavors. Garnish Paperie was created as a platform for me to share those deep, and often late night cravings. You can browse for inspiration, to spark your next idea, or just to satisfy your desire to look at pretty, simple things. Below is a gallery showing a little bit of everything I like to play with when I have a free Saturday.

Garnish is the cherry to my sundae, the salt to my margarita, the chives to my potato.


Creating is what I was born to do. Some days it's paper, but other days it's food or drawing or painting or carving or building ... you get the idea. I tend to keep the rest of this to my social feeds but I'm happy to share that with you, too. Just reach out!


It's pretty and all, but an invite isn't what you were looking for? Head back to PAULA RILEY DESIGN.