Here's a few things to know about me: with a formal education in design, and over 15 years of art direction experience, I've learned to be both visionary and professional. Finding new ways to use my creative talent energizes me. I've worked with everyone from advertising agencies, publishers and animal wranglers, to corporations, artists and the self-employed. Telling each of their incredible stories through photos, illustrations and design. I make a living doing what I love; that is not by luck, it is by design.



1. I'm a chameleon. Not literally. It's just a metaphor for how well I adapt.

2. Confident, natural leader, and a good listener - even on Monday's!

3. Deadline looming? You can count on me.

4. I put my heart and soul in my work, so it is personal - which will confuse you when I say...

5. I don't take it personally. I can filter out the pebbles to get to those big, important boulders.

6. Let's keep things professional AND fun.

7. I'm great at presentations! Whether that's designing them or giving them.

8. 25% Targaryen, 25% Australian Shepherd, 25% Kristen Wiig, and 25% Piglet.

9. My super powers are collaborating, brainstorming, and concepting.

10. I'm the best dang brand ambassador you'll find in this neck of the woods.



I'm not only an art director and designer, I'm also a photographer, paper artist, illustrator, wife, parent, dog wrangler, and aspire to write a fiction book someday. I like to think I can do it all, but most days are a reality check. Welcome to my beautiful mess, please ignore the coffee stain and the pet hairs.